The Pancretan Association of Volunteer Blood Donors and Organ Donors HematoCrete is a legally recognized non-profit association, based in Heraklion, Crete.

It is the oldest active association of organ donors in the country, having forwarded to the National Transplant Organization (ΕΟΜ) more than 3,500 applications for organ donors, contributing to the fact that Crete has always been in the places with the highest offer for transplants in the country.

In 2008, a blood donation program begins, without the maintenance of a "blood bank", with the main axes of action the cooperation with the institutions by region (local government, education, local associations, church) and their activation in the organization of regular blood donations. More than 15,000 units of blood have been donated under this program up to today. The collected blood is available in its entirety to public hospitals for emergency and permanent needs.

The most important achievement of our effort was the gradual change of mentality on the island, which was characterized by fragmented blood donations, with the majority of blood donors being occasional. More than 10,000 volunteer blood donors have already registered for the blood donations of "HematoCrete", most of whom continue to donate blood regularly and now the assosiation is one of the largest in blood donation in Greece, without even managing the blood in any way.

The association has developed since many years an innovative software for recording blood donors who are then notified by sms / email at the next blood donation and constantly updates printed and audiovisual material. It has held dozens of informative events, 8 pan-Cretan symposia with eminent speakers, the 21st Amfiktionia (pan-Hellenic conference of blood donor associations) and the 8th Panhellenic torchlight procession of volunteer blood donors, while implementing training programs for children.

It carries out 8-12 blood donations per month, with regular blood donation every Saturday at the City Hall of Heraklion (Loggia), while for the last ten years it has been carrying out regular blood donations at the Hellenic Mediterranean University, with the enthusiastic participation of students. Emphasis is also placed on the implementation of blood donations in remote islland villages so that as many citizens as possible have the opportunity to donate blood near their place of residence.

At the same time, more than 1,500 registrations have been made for bone marrow donors. There is also a campaign for the donation of umbilical cord blood for public use in Crete, as an officially collaborating body initially with the Hellenic Umbilical Cord Blood Bank / Institute for Biomedical Research of the Academy of Athens and now the Public Bank of the Umbilical about 350 bags have been delivered to pregnant women).

Finally, during the pandemic, we were able to increase our blood donation by 200%, offering 2,600 units of blood in 2020, with a targeted campaign to address the reluctance of blood donors to attend. The Prefecture of Heraklion remained self-sufficient in blood throughout the pandemic and supplied hospitals outside Crete, while the reductions in major urban centers of the country reached 50%.

We also participated in a research protocol of the University of Crete, studying the percentage of asymptomatic carriers COVID-19, in order to investigate the safety of blood donors. At the same time, we became the first active bone marrow donor registration center in the country as a collaborating body with Orama Elpidas (Vision of Hope) for 2020.

The effort of the Hematocrete's volunteers is continuous in order to consolidate the idea of regular voluntary blood donation and related institutions in our region and country. Our strength is all of you who stand by our side!



The association is founded under the name of "Pancretan Association of Body Donors". Its main goal is to spread the idea of ​​Organ Donation. Nowadays it is the oldest active assosiation in Greece that is evolved this sensitive issue.

It has sent more than 3,000 organ donation applications to the National Transplant Agency, it has held dozens of organ donation events and awareness-raising activities, and even developed psychological support actions for organ donor families.


In 2005 the association renews the staff of its executives with young volunteers and scientists, who work decisively in expanding its goals in the areas of Voluntary Blood Donation and Bone Marrow Donation and the modernization, in general, of methods and practices used.

It Intensifies the cooperation with local community organizations, associations of patients or volunteers in Crete, it promotes communication with blood donation services, being also one of the main hosts of the annual Pancretan Symposiums on Voluntary Blood Donation and Organ Donation.

At the same time, its Board of Directors develops communication with associations from all over Greece and attends the conferences of the Panhellenic Federation of Volunteer Blood Donors' Associations (POSEA)


The assosiation holds the organization of the 21st Amfiktionia of Volunteer Blood Donor Associations (annual pan-Hellenic conference of representatives of voluntary blood donor associations) in Heraklion.


The Assosiation holds the 7th Hellinic Torch of Blood Donors. In the end of 2008, Haematocrete developed a specific program for the Voluntary Blood Donation and Bone Marrow Donation in the Prefecture of Heraklion, which included a broad awareness campaign and regular blood drives in the Prefecture of Heraklion, Crete.


In 2009, the name of the association changed to Pan-Cretan Association of Volunteer Blood Donors and Organ Donors “Hematocrete". It becomes a member of the Panhellenic Federation of Voluntary Blood Donor Associations (POSEA) and therefore of the World Federation of Voluntary Blood Donor Associations (FIODS). Dr. Irini Gergianaki, member of the Board of Hematocrete, chairs the "Committee for the Donation of Tissues and Organs" of the Panhellenic Federation of Voluntary Blood Donors' Associations.

Since the end of 2009, the association developed an important cooperation with the Hellenic Cord Blood Bank of the Biomedical Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens (BRFAA) and starts for the first time in Crete the information of couples from Crete for the Cord Blood Donation.


In 2010, HematoCrete holds the 5th Pancretan Symposium of Blood Donation and Organ Donation, which includes sessions for umbilical cord blood donation, as well as a training seminar for midwives in Crete on umbilical cord blood collection, in collaboration with the Association of Midwives of Crete.

In the summer of 2010, the Municipality of Kofina grants a building for the housing of HematoCrete in the area of ​​Loures. The "blood donor home" houses the Messara branch of HematoCrete. At the same time, the Football Academy of Messara "Asterion" honors Hematocrere, with the printing on the shirts of the young football players of the logo of the HematoCrete and the slogan "Give blood - Fight for life".

The president of our association, Mr. Spyrou George, is elected to the Board of Directors of the Panhellenic Federation of Volunteer Blood Donors.


In 2011 an intesified program of blood donation drives starrs supported by COLA 3E Table Water LYTTOS with the slogan "every drop a drop of life ". In one year, used 26,000 people, including 1,600 students were informed about blood donation and we collected 1028 units of blood.

Aditionally, in the summer of 2011, Hematocrete proceeds to internal organizational changes and begins the development of educational programs for its volunteers. At end of the year the association collects essential items and medicines for families in poor financial condition as the financial crisis in Greece emerges.

Blood donations drives begin at the TEI of Heraklion in collaboration with the student associations.


The "every drop of life" program is developing even more with a rapid increase in the number of blood units offered, offering setting a new record of 1874 blood units offered!


A year full of blood donations drives: against all odds, in Greece of crisis, the units collected exceed 2,000!

Additionally, with the cooperation of the Municipality of Heraklion, and many voluntary associations, a blood donation program begins in the city of Heraklion.


In 2018, in just ten years of blood donation drives, 12,200 units of blood have been donated to hospitals of the Prefecture of Heraklion. Bone marrow and organ donation campaign is strengthened.
Going through the challenging digital age, with a strong presence on social media, we invite the new generation of volunteer blood donors. Old times change, the tools we use change, our goals are adjusted but our passion stays the same!


More than 7,500 volunteer blood donors have come to the blood donations drives organized by "HematoCrete". Our new website offers valid information. The organ donation campaign is intensified in all the prefectures of Crete. "HematoCrete" is awarded by the Municipality of Heraklion for its offer.


The blood units offered have exceeded 15,000. Formal cooperation with the local government and expansion of the blood donation program # we donate together are being developed in more and more Municipalities of Crete with modern tools and methods. 2.599 blood units garhered despite COVID pandemic.
In a year that has tested the resilience of the health system due to COVID pandemia, one thing remains unchanged in our voluntary effort: the need to "give a part of ourselves, so that people may live."

Advisory Board

  • Irini Gergianaki Medical Doctor, Phd

  • George Spyrou, Physicist

  • Irini Tsiodra, Chemist PhDc

    General Secretary
  • Lefteris Charalambakis, Accountant

  • Timotheos Patelakis, Military Service

  • George Paterlakis

    Audit Committee
  • Vaya Dala

    Audit Committee
  • Litsa Memmou

    Audit Committee
  • Evina Gergianaki

    Legal Advisor
  • Structure

Regular Members

Regular members can become all the voluntary blood donors, organ donors, marrow donors or umbilical cord blood donors who reside or come from Crete.
The regular members make up the General Assembly that is hold once a year or sooner if necessary.

Auxiliary members

Auxiliary members (friends of the assosiation) can become people who can not donate blood or tissues, due to health issues but wish to help voluntarily.

The association is represented by a 5-member Board of Directors (BoD). Elections for the Board of Directors and the 3-member Audit Committee are held every 2 years. The regular members have the right to vote (symbolic contribution 5 euros per year).


The Board of Directors handles the administrative affairs of the association, including issues of communication and training of volunteers, in collaboration with services, agencies, scientific associates or specialized executives of the association.


Hematocrete's volunteers are the members of the association who participate more actively implementing the programms of HematoCrete, after they have been properly trained. In communication with their team leader they can participate in specific volunteer work, depending on their capabilities and experience.

All the members of HematoCrete must adhere to certain ethical rules such as polite behavior towards volunteer blood donors, fellow volunteers in the assosiation or other organizations and people with whom we work.


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How you can help?

If you want to participate in our effort as a blood donor, as a volunteer or as a collaborating organization do not hesitate to contact us

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