Blood Donation Procedure

Blood Donation
Blood Donation Procedure

When you visit the blood donation drive , you will first of all asked to fill in a questionnaire about your medical history.

It is important to respond honestly and responsibly. Many times people, especially when they donate blood for a relative due to their anxiety, forget or even hide certain facts. Please, do not put yourself in such a position.

Your blood donation doctor may ask you some clarifying questions about your health. It will then measure your blood pressure and pulse. It will also take some blood to measure your hematocrit. It immediately informs you if you can donate blood.

The blood sampling is done by experienced staff, so you will only feel a slight sting. You will be lying in the blood donation chair, feeling great because you are saving a life!

Many blood donors wonder why they fill their own bag at a much slower or much faster rate than other volunteer blood donors! Of course, there is a scientific explanation for this.

Also, men generally donate blood "faster" than women.

But surely what matters is to offer and not in how much time you achieve it. Whether you need 5 or 8 minutes, the point is that your offer will save human lives!

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