1st Time Blood Donor Questionnaire

Blood Donor Questionnaire
1st Time Blood Donor Questionnaire

If you are giving for the first time, it makes sense to have questions about even the simplest things that happen in blood donation. One of them is the questionnaire. In the following article we give you some tips on the purpose and content of the questionnaire questions.

Some blood donors feel anxious about how to complete it or if they do not know an answer. In any case if you have a question you can ask the volunteers of the blood donor association and of course the medical staff of the blood donation. You can ask for help to complete it until you are familiar with the questions. Next time it will be much easier! For older blood donors it is a matter of a few minutes!

First of all, this questionnaire is essentially a brief history of your health. On the first page you fill in your details (the hematocrit blood donations are printed by the system) and you read some reasons why you are not allowed to donate blood.

The back of the questionnaire includes questions about the diseases you may have had or have had in the past, medications you are taking, if you have had surgery, tattoos, etc. Answer the questions carefully and calmly by ticking the YES or NO boxes while you can note l .x the name of the medicine you are taking.

Please note that the completion of the questionnaire is confidential and any information remains confidential.
It is especially important to answer honestly, not to hide information to ensure the safety of you and the recipient.
At the end of the questionnaire you must sign giving your consent for the distribution of blood to patients in need and the registration of your data at the National Blood Donation Center.

Have in mind that you can ask a questionnaire written in English.

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