10 Frequently Asked Questions about can you Donate Blood

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10 Frequently Asked Questions about can you Donate Blood

Sometimes it is not possible to donate blood or the blood donation doctor may ask you to wait a certain amount of time until you donate blood again. You can read below 10 common questions about whether you can donate blood due to certain conditions.

Can I donate blood if I have been vaccinated for COVID-19?

Yes, if you feel completely well. If you have a reaction to the vaccine you should wait 7 days. See more here. If you have passed COVID-19 you can read the full instructions of EKEA here.

Can I donate blood if I have a cold?

No, if you have sneezing or coughing or nasal congestion you should not go to the blood donation. It is essential that you do not have an infection when you donate blood. If you are not completely sure it is best not to donate blood until you feel completely well.

Can I donate blood if I am taking antibiotics or have an infection?

You should have returned to normal without any symptoms of infection and wait a period of 1-2 weeks after stopping the antibiotic.

Can I donate blood if I am pregnant?

You can not donate blood during pregnancy. 6 months must pass after the birth.

Can I donate blood if I have recently visited the dentist?

Exclusion until the next day of normal dental work. Extraction, fillings and similar operations are considered minor surgeries and blood donation is postponed for one week.

Can I donate blood if I have heart problems?

We need to have more data than history as it depends on the specific situation. Blood donation to potential donors who have suffered or are suffering from severe cardiovascular disease, people with angina, recurrent thrombophlebitis, thrombosis or valve damage as well as people who have had heart surgery is permanently ruled out. For arrhythmias: it is excluded if someone is symptomatic or if he is taking medication for arrhythmias.

Can I donate blood if I have a tattoo or piercing?

If the tattoo or piercing is recent you have to wait a few months to give again (4 months).

Can I donate blood if I have high or low blood pressure?

It is possible to donate blood if you have high or low blood pressure.
For hypertension: Accepted if there is no heart problem and the pressure is 10-180 mmHg systolic and 50-100 mmHg diastolic. It is excluded if the cause of hypertension is under investigation. Accepted if he is taking antihypertensives which have not been changed in formula or dose in the last 4 weeks and the pressure is within the allowable limits.

For hypotension, people with low blood pressure are admitted after evaluation by a blood donor, provided that the systolic blood pressure is not lower than 90 mm Hg and the diastolic blood pressure is <50 mm Hg and they do not have a history of dizziness or fainting.

Can I donate blood if I have acupuncture?

Accepted if the acupuncture was performed by a doctor or under medical supervision with sterile needles one use. Otherwise, or if there is doubt, it is postponed for 4 months.

Can I donate blood if I am gay?

Unfortunately, although we should not prevent people from donating blood based on their sexuality but based on the risk of their sexual behavior in relation to communicable diseases (eg multiple partners without precaution) in Greece you can not give blood even if you had at least one homosexual relationship.

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