HematoCrete's Blood Donation Drives

Blood Donation Drives
HematoCrete's Blood Donation Drives

Dear blood donor / blood donor

First of all, we thank you for donating blood and for participating in our effort for the substantial development of the institution of regular voluntary blood donation. Your act is an act of humanity and social solidarity.

On behalf of "Hematokritis" we would like to inform you about the following:

  1. The blood bottle you gave will be transported from the mobile blood collection unit that carried out the blood sampling to the hospital, where it will be checked and divided into its various components. Thus, from one unit, 3 patients will be saved! These are children with Mediterranean anemia, cancer patients, hematological diseases, surgeries and injuries. Your offer for them and their family is invaluable!

  2. In case you do not have a blood donor card, you can issue. From the moment the relevant application is completed, in a period of about 15 days-1 month you will be notified by phone or sms to receive your card. Now the blood donor card is electronic while you also have access to an individual electronic account where you can see how many units you have given.

  3. The blood donor card is individual and you must take care of it as your identity. If there is a need for blood for you or your relative, you must show the card to the blood donation unit to meet the need for blood. You do this yourself, without having contact with the Hematocrit, since we do not have a blood bank, nor do we "manage" the blood.

  4. Avoid donating blood extraordinarily. It is very important for the safety of both your blood and yours, to donate blood at regular intervals and in calm conditions. Men can donate blood every three months and women every four

  5. All the blood donations of Hematocrit are announced on our page wwww.aimatocritis.gr, on fb and in press releases in the local and electronic media. We will be happy for you to announce our events and to contribute to the dissemination of the institutions!

  6. If you want to become a member of the association or to be trained as an active volunteer, just fill in the printed application that you will find in our blood donation or send us your details and we will contact you immediately!

  7. "Hematokritis" is an association of volunteer blood donors that supports, unites and represents the volunteer blood donors of our area! Do not hesitate to contact us for any related issues regarding voluntary blood donation, bone marrow donation and organ donation!

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