6th Panhellenic Torch Relay of Volunteer Blood Donors

Panhellenic Volunteer Blood Donors
6th Panhellenic Torch Relay of Volunteer Blood Donors

August 3, 2008. Touch of the flame of the Volunteer Blood Donor in Agriana, Hersonissos. Red thread knit.

Hematokritis, having undertaken at the national level the organization of the 6th Torch Relay of Volunteer Blood Donors' Associations, lights the flame of love in an opening ceremony different from the others. In the most beautiful camp in the world, the land of lotus eaters in Agriana Hersonissos. Under a clear blue sky. Without many officials.

Without protocols with 700 children from Greece and the Greek community to be symbolically the first torchbearers of a truth they wrote in red, who can only speak loudly in the silence of the adults.

This flame as long as it burns becomes love said the banner that they raised high, as if they were raising a cloak for another era more human In the end only magical things can happen when you believe in your dreams. As if everything was taken from a fairy tale.

And he lit, as you say that night, the flame of love in Crete and stayed on our island 13 days and nights. A total of 3000 children, 4000 runners, more than 100 villages in 30 Municipalities participated in this event. But of course, the numbers do not count so much what matters is that the meaning for the person who suffers appeared the hope for a tomorrow without human pain and especially the joy of the children.

Images etched in our memory: A girl with Mediterranean anemia who came and shouted thank you behind the Torchlight procession in his hands the torch.

These and many other things happened we got excited, we smiled, we got tired and the flame became louder and louder. Red thread tied to the spool wrapped a torch to light all the children to reach.

Patras, October 10, 2008. Closing Ceremony of the 6th Torch Relay.

The sky lit up from the dozens of fireworks. The night was warmed by the voices of the children with the placards: The times changed, the slogans changed: Give blood, save lives on the children's lips. We with emotion, with silence, with applause. The flame of our own Torch Relay, which we loved and believed, was extinguished. He traveled all over Greece.

That night, in Agios Georgios Square in Patras, under the starry sky, the flame went out like candles in fairy tales:

And we all know that as soon as the light goes out τα dreams begin.

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