Summer Blood Donation

Summer Blood Donation

This summer we need even more volunteer blood donors!

Every summer, especially in August, blood stocks in Greece decrease. This is due to many reasons, some of which are that the population has increased, the traffic has increased and the approach of blood donors due to holidays or due to extreme temperatures has decreased, the collective efforts have decreased (eg blood donations in educational institutions). During the pandemic, things showed more than many of our fellow human beings suffer from COVID-19 or are in quarantine.

So it is especially important that we can continue to donate blood on a regular basis throughout the summer. We can plan a few days before or after our vacation so that neither our schedule nor our blood supplies are disrupted. Blood donation clubs and services continue to organize excursions. In fact, we can donate blood at our vacation spot or choose to donate blood in one of the coastal areas to enjoy the landscape !!

Do not forget to drink plenty of water before and after blood donation and avoid swimming after donating blood for the same day.
It is wonderful to combine the beauty and carefreeness of summer with a beautiful act that will give life to three of our fellow human beings who are waiting for us!

PHOTO: Gefira Agapis

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