Bone Marrow Donation

In Greece we have not the adequate number of Bone Marrow Donors than we need. Every year, many children children and adults from our country do not find a compatible donor. As origin plays a role in compatibility, it is of high importance that all young people from Greece registered and especially blood donors who can easily become also bone marrow donors.
Volunteer doctors, nurses and trained volunteers of "Hematocrete" provide personal information and saliva/blood sampling in every blodd donation drive of HematoCrete for anyone wishing to join the pool of bone marrow donors. Additionally, we can visit cultural or sports events which take place in Crete, hosting information&sampling kiosks! Do not hesitate to contact us to be there in your next event!
This effort is made in collaboration with Orama Elpida a voluntary organism in Athens that aims to increase the number of donors from Greece to over 100,000! Help us do it!