Cord Blood Donation

In such a sweet moment when you become a mother, if you could save another child, would you give something you do not need?

When you became a father, if you knew that someone would hug their child thanks to you would you help?

Elytis wrote "You see, it's the others / and they can't be without you / and you can't be without them"

This poetic beauty of life, to be able to bring a baby in life and at the same time, to save the life of another person is called "Umbilical Blood Donation".

"Hematocrete" supports the idea of donation of umbilical cord blood for public use, since 2008. Our assosiation held informative meetings with pregnant women for the first time in Crete, in collaboration with the Hellenic Umbilical Cord Blood Bank of the Academy of Biomedical Research of the Academy of Athens. It has also organized important workshops / conferences for the dissemination of the idea and the training of midwives around proper sampling.

If you want more information do not hesitate to contact us! In all the blood donations drives and actions of "HematoCrete" you will find printed material and all the information you need from volunteer doctors in collaboration with DHTOB , University of Crete.