Blood Donation

The we give blood together program takes place in the city of Heraklion with drives every Saturday morning outside the City Hall of Heraklion (Loggia) and every first Wednesday afternoon in N. Alikarnassos (Agios Nikolaos church) as well as in the hinterland of the Prefecture of Heraklion and other central cities of the rest of the island.

The following actions are included in the program:

  • Organization of regular voluntary blood donations in collaboration with local municipalities and organizations in the framework of long-term programs for the development of voluntary blood donation.
  • Workshops and speeches for the general public, including the annual Cretan symposium on voluntary blood donation and organ donation.
  • Implementation of a special educational program in kindergartens and primary schools, with which children receive the first stimuli and trained by a special group of volunteers on the importance of voluntary blood donation, through interactive games starring Stagonoulis and Stalitsa (Little Drops).
  • Informative actions to students of Middle and High School with their participation in the organization of blood donation at school or at their place ("Drops of Hope").
  • Informative Events and Blood Donations in Higher Education Institutions with the aim of informing and mobilizing students to donate blood.

It is important to know that HematoCrete and the collaborating bodies do not have a "blood bank" nor do they manage the blood that is collected. Blood donors have the opportunity to use the units they have offered in case of future need for blood, for themselves or their loved ones after relevant contact with the blood donation services.